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ARI saw line with sorting line

Saw line

Log table (Ingvar Persson), stepfeeder  2st., (Ingvar Persson)

Small log table Hedlund's +1 stepfeeder  Hedlunds

Debarker VK 550

Conveyors after debarker Ingvar Persson

Conveyor through the first saw in Stockholder KSI 5

Other roller lanes

SKR 600 + BKR 600

Disk saw KS-122/124

Multirip saw - DS 509

Edger Catech

Chipper Bruks 820 cm

Buffer Hall

Raw sorting Renholmen, 36 sorting bins

Stacker Gunnarssons


Dry sorting line Renholmen, 21 bins

Log sorting line, 36 bins