Engineering Dismantling Installation and Start-Up of Wood Processing Equipment
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Our company is engaged in the search and selection of both new and used woodworking equipment.

The advantages of purchasing the used equipment are obvious - the customer has a fully equipped area, a workshop or a factory, technologically balanced, with established internal logistics, including all the necessary engineering systems. The price of such equipment will be 5-10 times lower than the cost of the similar new one. An additional advantage is that the cycle of works for dismantling and installation of used equipment is 3-4 months shorter than the purchase, delivery and installation of a new one, due to terms of manufacturing of a new equipment (from 6 months and more).

The most important criterion in choosing used equipment, of course, is its technical condition, which can be easily determined during direct examination. At the same time used equipment is not defective or worn out, since the reasons why European companies sell their woodworking equipment usually are not associated with obsolescence or equipment failure, but with modernization and purchase of a new equipment, or exhaustion of local raw material base, or changes in the production economy.

In addition to the standard sawmill equipment, our company also offers the search and selection of the following types of processing equipment:

  • fuel briquette and pellets presses
  • splice lines
  • plywood gluing lines


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