Engineering Dismantling Installation and Start-Up of Wood Processing Equipment
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The Wood-Engine Group, bases on successful long-term experience in installation and commissioning works and having all necessary knowledge in woodworking and lumbering industries, offers services on development of automatization systems as part of the installation works of process equipment.

A team of engineers and development engineers offers and implements the best economically and technologically feasible solutions.  The choice of a single service provider responsible for all parts of the project – mechanics, electrics and automation has a number of advantages:

• full understanding of the technological process of customer’s production line and the ways of optimizing it, understanding of qualification  requirements  for a personnel and optimization of it’s number;

• reduction of energy consumption due to the exclusion of idle run and removal of excess facilities from electric motors with the help of frequency controlled drive and energy recuperation;

• improvement of product quality due to staff exemptions, prevention of material loss and damage due to an adaptive response to changing conditions and abnormal situations, exact adherence to the technological regulations;

• optimal usage of technological lines capabilities, reducing downtime, providing production cycle continuity, eliminating inconsistencies between equipment nodes, line sections and production units;

• Statistics gathering and processing of working parameters of the line for optimization of a procedure and elimination of weak points in the process chain.